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How many lessons will I need before I can take my test?
This really depends on you and how ready you already are. Some of my clients have been driving for some time and only require a couple of lessons to correct some bad habits they have picked up, a good example of that is someone upgrading to a manual licence from an automatic licence. If you are starting from scratch and have never driven it will take longer, there is no right or wrong amount of lessons you should require.
I have just bought a Ford Ranger. I am allowed to tailgate people now, that’s correct right?
No, you must still allow at least a two second gap between you and the car in front on normal road conditions. Just because you have a big car and wear hi-vis doesn’t give you the right to intimidate other drivers, particularly learner drivers. The speed limit applies to everyone also, yes, even you.
Can I have someone else in the car with me during the lesson?
It is preferred not, for multiple reasons. If you feel you need to be accompanied on the lesson please discuss this with us and we will provide a workable solution. That may be that you can have someone with you if the situation dictates.
I have a BMW and it has a weird stick on the side of the steering wheel which sometimes gets in the way. Can I remove it?

NO! This operates the indicator. Using your indicators is a very important part of driving on our roads. It allows everyone to be aware of what you are intending to do prior to you doing it. You should begin to include the use of indicators in your daily driving habits immediately. Please book a lesson with us so we can assist with correcting this and other bad habits. 

I have a medical condition. Will this affect my training?

Please discuss this with us prior to the lesson and we will ensure that your needs are met. It is important that you make us aware of any potential issues that may arise.

How much will cost me to learn to drive with you?

As mentioned above, there is no right or wrong amount of lessons. We have specials and discounted packages all the time. These are detailed on the bookings page and are updated regularly.


Gives good feedback, Really helped me understand my mistakes and how to correct them. Really chill instructor but knew when to be more controlling also, which I needed. Really enjoyable lessons.

Ryan S

I had my licence at home but didn’t pass test here. I needed manual licence for visa work. He helped me learn Aus ways and was easy to hear. I am not good English but he is good with not good English.

Yuehan R

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